Adidas Nitrocharge V Nike HyperVenom

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It is between two sportswear giants with Adidas and Nike. The post is about which pair of trainers may be ideal for you. We will talk about: the style, material, comfort and performance of each boot. With the help of my friends 10BRA (Youtube channel), you will see the review of each of these trainers.

Adidas Nitrocharge: This boot comes in several soles for different ground types. With SG, FG, HG, AG, TF and Indoor all available. Suitable for which ground you mainly play on, Adidas offer a range of soles to cater for your needs. With each sole differing to provide maximum grip and comfort depending on the pitch it is required for. Therefore these depend if you get moulds, studs or both. However the grip for Indoor and Astro-turf trainers are completely different compared to the “boots”.

They also come in certain stages depending on your status as a player. From professional standard to basic entry level, Adidas have a selection of trainers to fit your budget and needs. Ranging from 1.0/2.0/3.0 . The 1.0  being the best and being made with the best quality materials. With the professional boots (1.0) , Adidas use pure leather and synthetic hybrid on the upper for a super soft feel and great ball control. They combine the boot with a “Sprint Frame” construction for great stability which also provides a lightweight chassis. It is combined by making the outsole using “TRAXION 2.0” technology to provide maximum grip and acceleration while on the pitch. Of course the trainers are compatible with the “mi-Coach” feature to track your progress during games and training.

The mid-level or intermediate boot are recommended for players who play football for a local club and even semi-professional who do not have the finances to buy the professional class boot. This trainer combines features from the top range and entry level. This is shown with a strong protective mesh at the heel  and “Traxion 2.0” technology supplied with the boot.

Then, they cater for those on entry level (3.0) with the same colour designs but the use of more affordable material. e.g using synthetic leather on the upper and standard “TRAXION” technology for their studs. Also, they still provide embedded pads in the toe area for protection which help reduce injuries on the front area. The quality is visible when compared to either the 2.0 and especially the 1.0 . However, Adidas still try to introduce some of the basic features on these boots but using lower quality materials. Therefore, this is ideal for those who play football occasionally and at a social level where players are playing with friends and family.

Additional information on the Nitrocharge 3.0

I have these boots in the astroturf (TF) type. The main benefits on this particular boot is the excellent comfort it provides when playing football and using it for running purposes. The inside has several areas of cushioning to provide this excellent comfort and allow the feet to rest nicely. The bottom of the boot has a layer of soft material with reduce the impact between the foot and the ground. This again aids in the overall comfort and reduce the possibility of cramp, blisters and aches been caused after playing. The “Energysling” has no tangible benefit in my opinion and in the 3.0, it is part of the style/design of the boot. The front area has vampire type stitching which allows a nice feel when taking a first touch and striking the ball while in mid-air. The grip on the boot feels firm and the normal standard TF Traxion  layout is used in this version. Normal for many TF boots and does the job that it needs to.



Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 TF (Image Pro Direct)


Adidas Nitrocharge 3.0 TF Design (Image Pro Direct)

The design of the boot can be seen in the links below:

They come in various colours ranging from Blue, Black, Green and now Red. Also Adidas provide an opportunity to create your own custom design.

I am a big fan of Adidas trainers/boots due to their great designs and quality materials they use. They provide customisation which is ideal for those who like to be creative. However, I believe they are better in providing engineering aspects which they achieve by using their footwear technologies. From “TRAXION” , “EnergySling” and “SprintFrame” which all enhance the performance of the boot and provide comfort, grip and a lightweight chassis.

I would recommend this boot for defenders and box to box midfielders. With the impressive frame and technologies which provide maximum comfort throughout the whole game. It helps with players who often change their acceleration as the studs/moulds are designed in a specific layout to reduce the chance of injuries from sharp turning and sudden movements. Therefore, it is ideal for players who have the role of attack and defence as these players are taking different positions throughout the game.  Also, it provides great protection against tackles with the padding in relevant “action” areas. Hence the reason why it is called “The Engine”, for players who are non-stop and are always looking to make a difference. The boots are worn by these professional players; Xabi Alonso, Javi Martinez, Dani Alves and Daniele De Rossi.

Nike Hypervenom: As with the above boot, the Hypervenom comes in SG, FG, AG, TF and Indoor. However, they do not provide HG boots.
The SG is made with metal studs on the sole, which is made in the traditional format. A total of 6 studs are on the SG boot. Whereas, the FG boot is made with plastic studs and molds to help with fast turns and for sharp acceleration.

Nike provide 3 stages ranging from professional standard to entry level boots. Phenom, Phatal and Phelon. Phenom being the best and Phelon being basic.  Again, the professional boots have high quality materials which include “NikeSkin” technology for superior ball control and a lightweight design. The chassis is designed using glass nylon base which provide agility and comfort. This makes the boot feel very light compared to other football boots.

The Phelon has a synthetic leather upper for a soft feel and great fit. The sole is made using TPU material for a responsive feel.

The design can be seen on the links below:,AAAAEN5stVk~,ClMjWCb9_K5TNwUlFmPqOHtxZRnEI9ww&bctid=2432011592001

The boots can come in various colours too. From Orange/Black, Green/Black and Black. Also Nike provide customisation for the creative players.

These boots are great for attacking players who are creative and have flair. With the great glass nylon chassis for sharp turns and rapid acceleration, this provide attacking players the chance to play their game with a boot that matches their style. With a sublime design which includes a skull and bones logo on the back of the boot, it is great to look at. I would especially recommend these boots for wingers and/or strikers who have pace and like to play on the ‘last shoulder of the defender’. Professional players who use these boots are; Neymar, Eden Hazard, Mario Balotelli and Wayne Rooney.

Video reviews provided by my friends. Twitter: (@10Bra) Youtube: (

Adidas Nitrocharge:

Nike HyperVenom:

Thank you for reading, please leave your comments. Do you own any these boots? What do you like and has it improved your game?

Alex Morgan with HyperVenoms

Dani Alves with Adidas Nitrocharges

SG– Soft Ground           FG– Firm Ground          HG– Heavy Ground        AG– Artificial Grass (3/4G)        TF– Astro Turf        IN– Indoor

Seb Gomez


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